Ruby Gemstone buying guide


Posted on January 25 2021

Ruby Gemstone buying guide

Ruby Gemstone buying guide


Ruby is one of the expensive and the most beautiful gemstone. For luxury jewelry pieces, the ruby gemstone is one of the top choices for most people. 

Do you know why? Well, the reason is the vibrant red color that enhances the value of the gemstone. 

But don’t you think you might need to do a little research about the ruby gemstone before you invest a hefty amount? Ruby Gemstone buying guide will help you learn about the features in ruby gemstone.


Below we have all the information that you must consider when purchasing a ruby gemstone.

Check the color of the ruby gemstone

The first consideration when choosing ruby gemstone is the color of the gemstone.  The color is not only attractive but the red color has greatest wavelength that catches the eye in a wink.

Hues of Ruby

The primary color that you will find in the ruby is red. This primary red color is the core of ruby gemstone. But, you will find the violet and orange hues within this expensive gemstone.

The ruby gemstone is a super expensive gemstone. It is known for the hues and also because of the underlying hues. Yet, it will depend on you about which hue of the ruby you prefer more and want to get. Keep in mind the price vary based on the various underlying hues.

Saturation of ruby


There is a variation in the red color of the ruby gemstone. You must check the saturation of the ruby and check how dark or light the gemstone is. The more intense the color of the ruby is, the more valuable it will be. 

But, if the color and the tone are not as intense and dark, it might not be valuable. Keep in mind, the darker the ruby is, the more valuable it will be. Also, the lighter the tone is of the ruby gemstone, the less valuable it will be.

Tone of ruby

One can check the tone of ruby, which can on the scale of either too dark or too light. Yet, you must consider the color and the tone of the ruby gemstone. 

There are some of the rubies also available that are whether too dark or too light. You must choose the tone that is somewhere in the middle. Try not to choose the ruby gemstone that is super dark and is almost black. 

“The ruby with intense color look stunning. Check the intensity as it adds value, and makes you jewelry look luxurious.”

You might have known the darker it is, the valuable the gemstone will be. But, you mustn't choose the ruby gemstone that is super dark.

Clarity of the ruby gemstone


One can not expect the gemstones to be crystal clear; there will be some flaws and inclusions. But, it is important to choose the ruby gemstone that contains minimal inclusions. The inclusions will increase the values of the ruby and increase the beauty of the gemstone. 

There is a collection named star ruby that is not only smooth and also super pretty as well. The silk collection has an increased value because of the cuts, colors, and much more. These optical ruby gemstones are super gorgeous.

Check the cut of the ruby gemstone


Planning to get a ruby gemstone after reading the Ruby Gemstone buying guide? Wondering what will be the cut of the ruby gemstone that you should get? Well, you must consider the proportions of the ruby gemstone.

If the proportion is not appropriate, you will end up with shallow ruby gemstone that won't last long. The durability can be influenced by the proportions and cuts of the gemstone.

When you plan to buy a ruby, you should consider getting a symmetric ruby. 

“A symmetric ruby looks stunning with the lustrous jewelry. You must ensure that if you choose the round cut, it should not be too deep”.

If the ruby is either too deep or shallow it might break. You must ensure you find a gemstone that is neither too big nor small. The proportions of the ruby gemstones matter a lot.

For better brilliance and incredible sparkle, consider the cut of the ruby gemstone.

Treatments of enhancement of ruby gemstone


One thing that is common in most gemstones is eh treatment to enhance the quality of the gemstone. Most of the ruby gemstones are treated with heat. 

Do you know? Well, you already know that the gemstones with more intense colors are more valuable. Thus, most companies treat ruby with heat to ensure more intense and sparkly.

There are various other treatments used for the enhancement of the ruby gemstone. Some of the treatments take place on the ruby gemstone to enhance the transparency. Keep in mind, the more clear it is, the more valuable it will be.

The filling treatment has used to enhance clarity and to reduce inclusions. These treatments help the ruby gemstone to look more transparent. One other thing that is done with ruby is the coating treatments. 


Do you ever wonder why the coating treatment has done on the ruby gemstones? The reason for that is to increase brilliance of ruby. It will make the gemstone look amazing while masking the other flaws of the gemstones.

But, whenever you buy the gemstone, ensure to ask for the certificate. The treatment certificate that states whether the gemstone has treated or not. . If you get the treated gemstone, the price will be less than the natural gemstone. So, you must ensure that you are choosing ruby.

What is the difference between synthetic ruby and ruby imitation?


There are two other variations of the Ruby gemstone. You can either get the synthetic Ruby gemstone, or you can also look for the imitation Ruby. But do you know what the difference is between both of these varieties?

Imitation Ruby


The imitation Ruby gemstone is usually made from any ordinary stone. This ordinary stone is usually crystal or any other material that is less expensive. 

The Crystal is then painted and cut in a similar shape as the original Ruby. After the perfect cut and color, the stone looks like Ruby and is used in various jewelry pieces. The imitation Ruby jewelry is not expensive at all.

Synthetic jewelry


The composition of Ruby is an Al2O3 for the natural gemstone. And even if you want to make it in the laboratory, you will use the same composition. The Ruby gemstone that is made in the laboratory is called synthetic Ruby gemstone. Synthetic ruby is not formed on earth.  But it is still the Ruby gemstone with the same chemical composition. The other physical features and qualities are also same as natural ruby. It might be a little less expensive than the natural Ruby gemstone, but it is still valuable and durable. The color is the brilliance of the Ruby gemstones that are occurred in the liberties.

What should you choose between imitation Ruby or synthetic Ruby jewelry?


Are you not planning to get the natural Ruby gemstone? Get the imitation and synthetic Ruby options. But which one of these you should you choose? 

On a very tight budget and are not planning to invest a hefty amount? You must go for the imitation Ruby gemstone. The imitation ruby is not expensive and looks good. Need an authentic stone that is actually Ruby but not as expensive? Getting the synthetic Ruby gemstone is a wise decision. The synthetic Ruby has a similar composition and other similar physical features. It is not only beautiful but also super sparkly and looks stunning.

Prices of Ruby gemstone


You already know that Ruby is an expensive gemstone. And it is counted as the topmost expensive stone that is available in the market. You can find out the inexpensive options in the synthetic Ruby and imitation Ruby. 

Still, when you plan to buy the natural Ruby gemstone, you must ensure that you have a good budget. A great bank balance will help you even more. In 2006 the most expensive Ruby stone per carat was sold at 425,000 dollars. The fine quality and the intense color speak for themselves. There are some of the other Ruby gemstones that were earlier sold at 274 656 Dollars per carat.

When purchasing the Ruby gemstone, you must consider the size of the stone. Most people go for the Ruby stones of 5 carats above. You can find the natural and untreated Ruby gemstones of 2 carrots and above. These pieces are not only Top class but also expensive.

Where can you find the Ruby gemstone from?


There are many sources at which Ruby gemstone is formed in earth. One of the most famous producers of Ruby gemstone is Sri Lanka. 

Some other areas include Vietnam and Thailand border combined with Cambodia. Find some medium-quality Ruby gemstones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and Tanzania. India and Madagascar also have Ruby gemstones, but they are not the best quality stones. 

“Willing to get a Ruby gemstone that is not super expensive but is still natural and untreated? You can get the gemstone produced in India or North Carolina.”

Some tips when purchasing a ruby gemstone


Now after checking the Ruby gemstone buying guide, you might need quick tips for the buy.

  • Find vibrant Ruby. It does not always have to be the most clear option. But the brighter and vibrant Ruby looks incredible. Choose the violet Hue that makes the gemstone look intense. The darker rubies are always a catch and gives it a luxurious look.
  • Keep in mind that it is wonderful if you choose a gemstone that contains inclusions and some flaws. You cannot expect the Ruby gemstone to be transparent and perfect.
  • Whenever you plan to get the Ruby gemstone, it is important that you set a particular budget. For purchasing the gemstone do you research and compare the various options. 
  • Without a budget, you might end up splurging on a super expensive Ruby gemstone.
  • If you are on a tight budget, the expensive natural Ruby gemstone is not your option. You can get the imitation Ruby or synthetic Ruby in that case.
  • The lighting can affect the color of the Ruby allot. It is important that you check the color under various lightings. It will help you to learn what is the tone and the shade of the Ruby gemstone that you are getting. It is also important that you check the transparency under several lighting options.
  • Find a proportionate and skilled cut for the Ruby gemstone. If you are getting asymmetric ruby, you might end up with an imperfect Ruby gemstone that can break. 
  • Thus, it is important to choose the Ruby gemstone that is not deep or Shallow and has an asymmetric cut.

Tips for maintaining ruby gemstone 


You do not only need to buy a ruby, but you will also have to maintain it. But how will you maintain the ruby gemstone? Well, not to worry! We have the solution for that as well. Below we have compiled a list of tips to keep in mind when purchasing the ruby gemstone. 

Cloudy appearance 


Cloudy appearance? No worries! Clean ruby with a soft cloth, and voila! Ruby is a super hard gemstone that can easily accumulate dust particles, which can make it look cloudy and bizarre. Thus, a soft cloth will do the job. One other thing to consider is not to spray it with perfume and lotions. The makeup products can dull the shine and affect the quality. 

Dull appearance 


The next thing is the dull appearance of the gemstone. What to do in that case? Well, get some water and mix a mild soap in it. Try avoiding detergent as it is abrasive and can scratch the surface of the gemstone. With a damp cloth, gently rub the surface of the ruby with the soap solution. 

Cleaning of the rubies 


You can also use the cleaning solutions that are particularly made for the cleaning of the jewelry. It will make it a lot easier for you to clean the gemstone. 

How to store rubies? 


But you must also pay attention to the storage of the ruby gemstone. Do not crowd the surface with different jewelry pieces as they can scratch each other. Each one of your jewelry pieces needs to be stored properly. Try covering each piece in an individual cloth, and then store it. It will not only keep your ruby gemstone safe from scratches, but it will also help with avoiding dust accumulation. 

Also, do not store rubies in a box. Try storing them in a big compartment where you can let the jewelry lie flatly without fear of scratches from other material. 

Will ultrasonic cleaner help? 


Use ultrasonic cleaner. If your ruby is treated, you must not use it, but if you have a gemstone that is natural and not treated, getting the ultrasonic cleaner will help you a lot. But it is important to keep in mind not to use the ultrasonic waves of the treated gemstone as the ultrasonic waves can destroy the filling and coating of the gemstone. 

How to fix loose rubies? 


Get in touch with a professional to help you fix the loose rubies from the jewelry. It can fall off easily; thus, getting the rubies fixed by a professional is highly recommended. Still, if you are worried about storing and cleaning rubies, you can get the professional help to help you with a detailed consultation regarding storing and maintaining the ruby gemstones. 

Try checking the ruby gemstone buying guide to learn more about the rubies. Keep in mind, rubies are expensive and require optimal amount of care and maintenance to retain their luster, shine, and brilliance. 



Now that you have checked the Ruby gemstone buying guide, it will be a lot easier to buy the Ruby gemstone. We have provided out a lot of different information about the Ruby gemstone. We have also provided you some of the best tips and tricks to buy the Ruby gemstone. Make sure you check the clarity and the intensity of the color. Also, check the price and the other details of the Ruby gemstone. It is vital to check if the gemstone is treated or not, and don't forget to set a budget. Keep in mind, the color of the ruby give it the real beauty and brilliance. You must check the intensity of color, hues, saturation. The cut of ruby gemstone is important. Make sure you choose the shape that does not break easily. 

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