Rings Buying Guide : How to Choose your Ring


Posted on January 30 2021

Rings Buying Guide : How to Choose your Ring

Rings Buying Guide

Rings are the most emotional and personal of all jewelry items. An elegant ring settled in a lavish gift box provides a guarantee to bring happiness to its owner. With so many ring designs and jewelry stores to choose from, puzzling out how and where to buy a perfect ring seems devastating. After all, it is going to be your biggest purchase. The ring buying guide will help you to choose a perfect ring for your loved one or a special occasion. We will tell you to get a superb quality ring that suits your wallet.

Set Your Budget

Set your budget before you enter the jewelry store. It will help the jeweler to show you designs in your price range. Don’t forget that you can negotiate the price of the ring.

Spending your two months’ salary to buy a ring for your loved one is a terrible idea. Buy the lovely ring that you can afford. 

If you want to propose to someone, don’t delay it because you can’t afford a luxurious ring. A ring is a symbol of your love and it is all that matters. You can always get your partner a beautiful ring without taking financial anxiety and stress.

Research Her Personal Style

You are going to buy a ring for your partner, so it is very important to consider her style. Look at the jewelry she already has. Does she wear yellow gold? Maybe she is more of a platinum woman. Does she wear a specific stone or a birthstone? Does she wear simple or big jewelry? Consider her personality before getting your hands on an engagement ring for her.

There is another way to know her preferences. You can take her to a jewelry store and pretend to buy something other than a ring. Try to figure what she is gazing at. Or else you can show her a random picture of someone wearing a ring to get her opinion about design and the style.

Ring Size

A perfect ring with the wrong size is the most embarrassing thing. It is crucial to know the size of your partner.

You can take her to a jewelry store to avoid the awkwardness. If you want to keep it a secret, then you can swipe one of her old rings from her jewelry box or recruit her best friend to hand over a ring while she is over her house.

Pick a Metal

There is a variety of choices when it comes to your setting metal. The most popular metals include yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and silver. You can mix two metals for your ring band as well.

Each metal has some advantages and few disadvantages. For instance, platinum is a long-lasting metal, but it loses its shine quickly than gold and it is hard to bring back its initial sparkle.

Gold is a shinier metal. You can bring its initial shine every time you polish it. But it does have a disadvantage and that is its softness. It wears down faster. Within 15-20 years, your engagement ring will crack up because it wears too thin.

If you opt for a gold band, there will be two options for you 14k or 18k gold. Both are mix with other metals to increase their sturdiness. 14k contains 58.3% gold and 18k contains 75% gold.

If your partner loves to wear silver jewelry, then choose something with white gold. If she likes colors, then rose gold is perfect for her. White gold is far less expensive than platinum.

Don’t get upset by the durability facts because your partner will be more interested in looks rather than its longevity.

Understand 4C’s of a Diamond

When you have done selecting a metal band for your ring. The next step is selecting a diamond. This ring buying guide will help you to choose the right stone for your fiancée that she will love to flaunt in front of her friends.

Before selecting a diamond, you need to understand the four basic qualities including cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

  • Cut- It is not the shape of the diamond but the angles and proportions of it. A diamond cutter determines it. A brilliant stone reflects light from one facet to another and projects from the top of it and that gives a sparkle. A poor cut diamond has a lackluster appearance.
  • Color- Diamonds are present in a variety of colors. For transparent ones, color grades are from D to Z. D is colorless and Z is slightly yellow. 100% colorless diamonds are the most expensive and rare. Something between the grade scale will have negligible color and less expensive.
  • Clarity- Every diamond has few imperfections that greatly affect its prices. The imperfections are known as inclusions. The lesser the inclusions, the brighter the stone will be.

Some inclusions are not visible with a naked eye. You can see them under a magnifying glass. Such kinds of diamonds are not less in brilliance but there is a significant price difference when compared to a diamond with no inclusions.

  • Carat Weight- It is the weight of the diamond. The bigger the size, the higher the price. But if you select a right and skilled jeweler, he will make a lesser weight diamond look bigger. Mounting and shaping have a significant impact on appearance.

Consider the Diamond Shape

You need to consider the diamond shape according to your partner’s preferences. Read on the ring buying guide to know about some popular shapes.

  • Round- This is the most timeless and classy shape of the diamond.
  • Oval- This shape complements the length of your fingers.
  • Emerald- It is a wide shape with amazing clarity. 
  • Cushion- It is a square-shaped diamond with round edges. 
  • Princess- It looks like an inverted pyramid. It looks larger than the actual size.
  • Pear- It resembles round shaped diamond and looks very elegant on a thin band.

If you know that your fiancée to be likes some specific shape of the stone, it will help you to make the right choice. Every shape has a different price, and each has a different rate per carat.

Round cut diamonds are the most expensive, while pear and princess cut have lower prices.

Keep two or three cut shapes in mind before heading towards a jewelry store. If you want more carats at a better price, try to find an alternative to round cuts.

Diamond Brilliance

Brilliance and fire are the two characteristics that make a diamond beautiful and special. Both the qualities relates but distinct optical properties. 

Spend a budget on the cut quality that enhances the sparkle. Shallow cut diamonds don’t look attractive because light hit the pavilion at a low angle. Avoid the extremely sharp cut as well because it will dull the appearance.

Select the Setting

A ring setting is a way in which a diamond is set or placed on the ring. It mainly depends on your partner’s preferences. Here is a brief description of the most loved settings.

  • Tiffany Setting- It is also known as a six-prong setting. It has a plain band and knife edges. Prongs are the tiny wire in which stone suspends and make it visible from all sides. Tiffany setting looks always classy and never goes out of style.
  • Bezel Setting- It is the most popular ring setting after the tiffany setting. It encircles the diamond in the center. Bezel Setting is secure and durable due to the absence of prongs.
  • Solitaire- It has a single diamond that is not surrounded by extra diamonds. The band is usually simple and without the gemstones.
  • Eternity Band- It is present in a prong, bezel, and channel setting. It forms a beautiful pair with wedding bands. Smaller diamonds are present securely and deliver a sparkle to the entire finger.
  • Halo Setting- This setting has a central large stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. It enhances the overall sparkle of the ring. Diamonds are held securely in the setting and boost the appearance of a central diamond.
  • Pave Setting- There are tiny holes in the metal in which smaller diamonds are present. They appear like beads. This setting highlights the central stone and boosts the brilliance of side stones.
  • Waverly Diamond Ring- It is a halo setting with a central diamond. Tiny gemstones covered the sideband. This is the most common style that gives a spectacular sparkle to the central diamond.
  • Three Stone Setting- It has a large central diamond with two smaller diamonds on the sides. Some people like all three diamonds of equal size and shape. Some prefer colored gems instead of transparent diamonds.

If your fiancée is a working woman, consider the bezel setting for her because the diamond will not protrude out as much as with other styles.

Custom Setting

Don’t be afraid to try the custom setting. You can use the recycled diamonds that were previously owned.

If your partner likes the colored diamonds you can replace a colorless diamond with some colored diamonds like blue, pink, red, and yellow.  

Do Some Comparison

Visiting two or three jewelry stores will help you to find a better ring.  Comparing the different designs will make you feel more confident about your choice. 

Prepare your mind, clear your choice, and set your budget before looking for an engagement or a wedding ring.

Smart Choice

As already mentioned, that price depends on the 4Cs of a diamond. But you can make a smart choice by following the tips below.

  • Choose a 0.9-carat weight instead of a whole carat. The difference in weight is negligible but it makes a great difference in prices.
  • Make a little compromise on diamond clarity because many diamonds have minor inclusions that can be covered with a pretty cut. It can save you a huge amount of money. 
  • Choose 14k or 18k white gold instead of platinum. Only an expert can detect the difference between the two. Both are equally pretty but choosing white gold can save you a few hundred dollars. 


Certificate of diamond jewelry is the confirmation of clarity, carat, and color that is done by an independent company. Always ask the jeweler for a lab certification. It ensures that your ring has all the qualities that are advertised before.  

The most trusted labs in the industry are the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute. Make sure to receive a certificate from these two institutes.

Many of the stones have inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. Check them with a magnifying glass and match it to the inclusions mentioned in the certificate.

Take your time to see and read the certificate to match all the traits of jewelry you have purchased.

Feel Free to Negotiate

Always do better research before you decide to buy a ring. We have all the necessary information in the ring buying guide to help you out in making the right choice. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the jeweler. A master and skilled jeweler will agree to work within your budget and provide you the best quality. 

Return and Insurance Policies

As it is your biggest purchase, don’t forget to consider insurance. It is your financial and sentimental investment. Read the policies before purchase. So, you could get back to the jeweler if repair is needed. Some jewelers offer the return policy of their jewelry except the customized rings.


Buying a ring shouldn’t be a nerve-racking process. Set a budget and keep all the preferences of your loved one in your mind. Don’t make a hasty decision. Choose the right metal band for your ring. Consider all the 4Cs of the stone that will help you to test the quality and save your money. Don’t forget to receive the certificate from the jeweler and read all the terms and conditions mentioned in the return or exchange policy. With the help of all the tips provided in the rings buying guide, we hope you will be able to choose a ring that your lucky gift recipient will LOVE!

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