Opal Gemstone Guide


Posted on February 21 2021

Opal Gemstone Guide

Opal gemstone buying guide

Opal gemstone is a gorgeous stone that many people are expensive and loved because of the excellent Shine and overall look. People have been using Opal gemstone in their jewelry, especially their rings because the distinctive color pops up well.
If you are looking for the best quality Opal gemstone that you can use for your jewelry, you must know the value and the considerations to keep in mind when purchasing the gemstone. This buying guide will help you learn about the precious Opal gemstone and purchase it based on the factors and features.
Initially, there are a few things that you must keep in mind when you are using the Opal gemstone. The four significant aspects include clarity, color, carat, and cut of the gemstone that is important to consider.”
Based on all of these factors, the value of the gemstone is determined.


The first thing that will attract you about the Opal gemstone is the color of the stone. It is available in a variety of colors that look even better with the brightness and Shine. The wide variety of colors include hues of yellow, pink, orange, and red.
And when combined, these colors give a violet tone which enhances the overall look of the gemstone. However, the warm colors in the Opal gemstones increase the value of the gemstone, whereas the violet and the purple color do not add or decrease the value. But if there is a range of red or orange color, the value can be increased big time.
The clarity of the color is the next thing that is super important. If there is red color in the Opal gemstone, it will be highly valued, and part of that pink tone is also valued a lot. There are tones of blue and green that might not be as valued as the red and orange color.


The clarity can increase or decrease the value of the gemstone. The color tones available in the gemstone and the proper webbing of colors can increase the value. However, if the gemstone is fractured, it is not as valuable and not suitable to use for jewelry or other purposes. The rough Opal gemstone can reduce the value from 10 to 15%. However, if there are cracks on the Opal gemstone's surface, they can be filled, but the value will not be the same.


The next important aspect to consider is the cut of the Opal gemstone. If the Opal gemstone does not have a proportional cut, it will break easily and be of no use. Therefore it is better to look for the gemstone available in a dome shape with all the even dimensions and proportions. When the proportions are even, it is more likely to last a very long time, and it will also not break s part very easily.


The next thing to keep in mind is the size and the carat of the Opal gemstone. The highest valuable gemstones are available, usually between 10 to 5 carats. Whereas it is better to get a medium-sized stone that is comparatively affordable, but the value is also great.

Synthetic Opal gemstone

When you are not looking for something super expensive and solid Opal gemstone, you will have to look for alternate options. Do you know what can be the alternative to getting the original Opal gemstone? Well, you can easily look for the synthetic options available. Not only are there synthetic options, but also you can use homemade Opal gemstones that look solid and are difficult to distinguish.

What is synthetic Opal gemstone?

Like every other precious gemstone, Opal gemstone is one of the gorgeous gemstones people love to have in their jewelry. However, it is not possible for every individual to afford such expensive gemstones. There are alternatives available in that case. Synthetic Opal gemstone is the easy and the best alternative that you can go for. Basically, synthetic gemstones are gemstones with the same chemical formula, but they are not naturally occurring gemstones. These gemstones are made in the laboratory, and therefore they are comparatively less valuable than natural gemstones.

Doublet and triplet Opal gemstone

This terminology might be a new one for you. The doublet and triplet Opal gemstones are the gemstones that have been created to reduce the value even more. The ordinary Quartz glass piece is stuck with a single slice of Opal gemstone known as doublet Opal gemstone. Whereas when the Quartz glass is sandwiched between two slices of Opal gemstone, it is known as triplet Opal gemstone.

How to maintain the Opal gemstone?

Taking care of the pressures and super gorgeous gemstones is important. You cannot keep the precious gemstones anywhere you want because they will then have marks and scratches, which will not look good on the jewelry. Therefore it is important that you keep the gemstones properly and ensure that they are not getting scratched with the other jewelry pieces.
To ensure that the jewelry pieces are still brilliant and have a proper Shine, you must clean them properly and with a soft cloth. Also, keep them clean by using warm water mixed with a mild detergent to remove all the dirt from the surface. You must keep the gemstones in airtight containers to ensure there is low humidity.
For some safety measures to ensure the gemstone is properly protected, you must follow the below instructions.
  • Wrap it in a soft cloth and place it in a container where it does not get scratched. The marks on the Opal gemstone are even more visible because of the color of the stone.
  • For removing the dirt and dust, you can use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to remove all the dirt.
  • Use professional help to brighten up the gemstone and the jewelry. Do not use harsh chemicals on Opal gemstone jewelry because it will lead to discoloration.
  • Try to save the Opal gemstone from humidity and water. Also, do not apply perfume or any makeup product over the Opal gemstone jewelry because it can lead to spots and marks on the surface of the gemstone and also the jewelry.
“To keep the precious gemstones safe and clean, use them with care and with love.”
If you cannot clean the dirt from the surface, do not put in the extra effort. You can always look for help from professional Jewelers who can provide you quick and easy cleaning of your gemstone and your jewelry.

Some tips to keep in mind when purchasing Opal gemstone

Before you finally purchase the Opal gemstone, you must consider the value. There are gemstones available with different values and colors. Check the gemstone based on the value and ensure that you are considering the factors that decrease or increase the value of the Opal gemstone. When you finally learn about the particular tone and value of the Opal gemstone, you can finally decide whether it is worth buying or not.
“You can consider getting synthetic gemstone if you are not planning to invest a hefty amount of money in the naturally occurring Opal gemstone.”
  • Suppose you are planning to purchase the black Opal gemstone. In that case, it is also important to check the color and the tone along with the brightness of the Opal gemstone to ensure that you are investing in the high quality and valuable gemstone.
  • Consider the different types of Opal gemstone. There is a black Opal gemstone and the Crystal Opal gemstone. The Ethiopian Opal is also super famous among the people looking for Blues and pink tones in their jewelry. However, the black Opal is a super gorgeous and wonderful gemstone that looks even stunning in the bright light. The reflective hues and tones of this gemstone make it even more precious.
  • Check the competitive pricing. Most of the gemstones of different types are available at different prices. You must make sure that you are considering the type you are planning to purchase, and also, you must consider getting synthetic gemstones if you have a very limited budget. Even if you are not planning to get the synthetic gemstone, you have the option of doublet and triplet Opal gemstone.


Now that you have checked all the Opal gemstone details, you can finally plan on purchasing the gorgeous precious gemstone. Keep in mind that it is a valuable gemstone that will cost you a good amount of money. However, you must also ensure that you know about the various types of Opal gemstones available in the market. The most popular gemstone is the Black Opal gemstone, and apart from that, there are crystal Opal gemstones and Ethiopia no per gemstones. These are the gemstones that are highly recommended for jewelry and look stunning in the Rings. But it is important to choose the size of the gemstone appropriately to ensure the wearability is increased and the gemstone does not break very easily.

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