Malachite stone buying guide


Posted on March 03 2021

Malachite stone buying guide

Malachite stone buying guide

Malachite might not be the most famous gemstone, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful green gemstones that you will come across. It is not only super intriguing but also stunning at the same time.
Those who are not looking for something super expensive can get the malachite gemstone. It will provide you budget-friendly options that look expensive and unique as well. But before finally purchasing malachite, you must check all the features and factors to consider. Below we have compiled the malachite buying guide to learn what is important to consider when getting the malachite gemstone.

What is a malachite gemstone?

Malachite is a mineral that is the copper carbonate one that was previously used as a pigment. Initially, it was used in Egypt, but now the distinct green gemstone is used worldwide because of the Unique shades of green.
You must be wondering how to identify the malachite gemstone. Well, you can easily identify the gemstone because of its concentric circles. Usually, malachite is found in Arizona or Russia. Brazil and China also have malachite gemstones.

Physical properties of malachite


Classification of the gemstone

This gemstone has the chemical classification of carbonate. It is the copper carbonate and therefore has the green pigment. The green color is provided because of the copper material.

Specific gravity

The malachite material has a specific gravity of 3.6 to 4.0. Whereas this one is a soft gemstone that can be diluted with HCl. It is a monoclinic gemstone.

Color of malachite

Malachite is usually green in color; however, the shade differs. You will see concentric circles or consecutive lighter and darker shades of green on the gemstone. These combinations of green shade look absolutely stunning and make the pregnancy even more intriguing.
“Most people pick the bluish shades that is because of the combination of malachite combined with azurite. The combination of both of these gemstones combined to produce a bluish shade also looks stunning.”

Clarity of Malachite gemstone

The malachite gemstone is opaque and does not have luster. However, this gemstone requires polishing. When it is polished properly, it will have the attractive green color and the silky luster you must have been looking for. It is better to get the gemstone with a silky and attractive luster rather than going for the dull gemstone. Malachite is not an expensive gemstone; therefore, even if you are going for the silky smooth and pigment gemstone, you will still be in your budget and will not be wasting a used amount of money. However, the gemstone with dull luster does not cost as much, but it still does not look good enough.

Cut of the malachite gemstone.

The malachite gemstone cut also matters a lot. When you look at the striped natural gemstone that is looking stunning, you will have to think about the cut you will need for your jewelry. Usually, you will find the round and discs of the malachite gemstone used in the jewelry. However, to the gemstone's soft nature, you cannot cut the gemstone into various shapes. In case you are trying to get a super fancy malachite gemstone cut, it will not be possible because of the distinct cleavage and the softness of the gemstone that will lead to the breaking of the gemstone. Therefore you must stick to the basic shapes and get them fixed in the jewelry. Even the basic shapes look stunning because of the wonderful shades of green and the stripes of various shades of green.

Malachite gemstone synthetic versus treated.

When you are considering getting the malachite gemstone and install it in the jewelry, you will come across several different options. You will get the treated malachite, and there are synthetic malachite options also available. Whereas you will also come across the imitation malachite gemstone.
Usually, malachite is not treated rigorously; however, it still goes through wax treatment. This wax treatment is done for a specific reason. The wax treatment is not done for anything else but to enhance and increase the durability of the malachite gemstone. Because the malachite gemstone is soft and has distinctive cleavage, it can easily break. Therefore wax has been used to coat the malachite gemstone to increase the durability of the gemstone and to make it last longer.

Synthetic gemstone

Malachite gemstone has the chemical formula of copper carbonate. This chemical formula can also be created in the laboratory. If you do not want to get the natural gemstone, you can always get the synthetic malachite gemstone. It will have all the same physical and chemical properties, but it will not be the natural gemstone you have been looking for. The people who have a little Limited budget often go for or synthetic gemstone. These gemstones look stunning and still super intriguing, even if they are not natural.

Imitation malachite

Imitation malachite is formed by making any simple class material or quartz material look exactly like the malachite gemstone. This one is the cheapest alternative to get the malachite gemstone. It is not a real gemstone. It is just made to look like malachite with the base of Glass and colors similar to the malachite gemstone. Whenever you plan to get the imitation malachite, you will be saving a good amount of money.
However, keep in mind that you must ask the Jeweler for the retailer to provide you complete information regarding the type and the composition of the malachite. Before you finally purchase, you must be sure if the malachite is a limitation or synthetic or even natural.
You will definitely not find the difference between these types of malachite because of the uncanny resemblance. Still, you must know how you invest your money to know the value of the jewelry or the stone you are getting.

Malachite jewelry

Malachite is used in various types of jewelry pieces. It is used in the ring or looks absolutely stunning when used for the pendant. These jewelry pieces look good when there is a malachite disc or is installed properly. You will also find out some beautiful earrings made of malachite. It is your preference regarding which jewelry piece you want to get uninstall the malachite in it. However, people go for malachite rings for special occasions because of the rich green color and absolutely stunning pigment.

How to maintain malachite gemstone?

We know that malachite is a soft gemstone. Therefore you must take care of it properly. But how will you take care of your malachite gemstone? Well, it is not very difficult.
“Malachite gemstone needs to be properly treated and maintained because of the softness. It can be scratched even with dust and if not taken care of properly. Therefore, it is important that you keep it in a stopped material, and you can also wash it with mild soap and ensure that you are drying the water properly.”
  • Keep in mind to use warm water to clean the malachite gemstone. If you are trying to wipe off the dust from the gemstone, it will eventually lead to scratches and reduce the laughter and the sign of the gemstone. Therefore wiping the gemstone is a big no.
  • Due to the sensitivity to heat, it is important that you keep the gemstone away from hot water or heat. You must also keep it away from the sunlight or any other sources of heat.
  • Try not to use harsh Cleaners on the gemstone because it will reduce the shine and make it look not so good. You must make sure that you are keeping it away from detergents and any Harsh chemicals. Cosmetics and hair spray can also affect the quality. Therefore you must pick the mild cleaners, and when wearing the jewelry, you must avoid using cosmetics or perfumes over it.
  • Make sure you Store the malachite gemstone jewelry properly dust-free space. Dust can cause scratches that you do not want. Also, if you plan to do exercise or any other rigorous physical activity, you must make sure you take the jewelry off before working on the particular activity.
  • One last thing that you must keep in mind that malachite is not the best to be used with ultrasonic cleaners. So you must make sure you are keeping the gemstone away from the Ultrasonic waves.
These are a few tips and tricks that you must keep in mind whenever you plan to get the malachite gemstone. It is a delicate and super stunning gemstone that needs proper maintenance and care. In this malachite gemstone buying guide, you can decide how to choose the best malachite gemstone and have to take care of it. You must make sure that you are choosing the best kind that can last for a good amount of time and the gemstone that has super incredible color and pigment.

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