Earrings Buying Guide


Posted on January 24 2021

Earrings Buying Guide

Earrings Buying Guide:




Earrings are one of the most significant jewelry to frame your face and add a classy look to your outfit. They can make you go from underdressed to perfectly dressed in seconds. These classic staples can fit the style of any woman. 

Many women prefer to wear various styles of earrings to match their faces and accentuate their wardrobe choices. For example, long earrings tend to elongate the face and ears, while earrings with geometric designs tend to sharpen the features.

Here’s a quick guide for you to choose the best style according to your taste.


Earrings Style:




Hoops are a timeless classic. They are not only iconic but come in different styles and give a feminine and stylish look. Hoops are also very versatile because they flatter all face shapes. 

These earrings are best at their simplest. Thanks to their classical nature, a medium-sized hoop in silver or gold fits well with a formal outfit since they would never overshadow the ensemble. Hoops are either large circles or small circles hugging the earlobe. They can vary in thickness and weight. They can be useful for a special occasion as well as everyday use.

These earrings are often available in several various metals. They also come in certain more adventurous types, such as square or oval hoops, often with extra jewels. More contemporary hoops may also be asymmetrical or woven metal components for fancier construction.


Types of Hoops:


There are three types of hoop earrings.


 J Hoops:


These hoops don't meet from the top to the end. Instead, there is a break in the back of it. The hoop is fixed in place with a screw or press back into the lobe of the ear. It minimizes the weight and visibility of metals. The front part of the earring is adorned with gemstones or diamonds.




These hoops rest next to the earlobe, minimizing the distance between the lobe and the bottom of the earrings. Huggies are ideal for casual wear since they are easy to put on, safe, and less likely to get stuck in clothes. Huggies may be decorated with several smaller or larger gemstones.


 Prong Set Hoops:


They are similar to the conventional hoop earrings, with a circular design and a prong clasp that locks the earring in place. These earrings are generally set with gemstones and diamonds. With hoops resting a little away from the neck, the rotation by the wearer makes it possible for the sparkle to truly come alive.




Halo earrings are incredibly popular due to their high value relative to other diamond environments. Also, their flexibility and grace serve to make them much more attractive. Not to mention, the hottest trends of this year certainly include halo-set diamonds, which makes them famous. They are a stunning choice of earrings.

Halo earrings usually feature a single gemstone surrounded by a circle of diamonds or a matching gemstone.

Halo earrings are available in several central stone shapes, including round, circle, oval, and princess. Besides, halo components can also be paired with other earring types to make dangle earrings. Halo earrings are a little more fanciful than studs, but they can also be worn every day.




Drop earrings are those that drop only below the earlobe. Often drop earrings are small pieces of attachments such as gemstones, crystals, or charms hanging from the base of the earring. Since the earring drops slightly below the earlobe, this piece of ornament is stationary and does not move. And if it moves, the movement is constrained and only comes straight out of the base.

The closing used for drop earrings is normally a post or stud. The earrings can also be all one piece, while the hook fastener is used to secure the ornamental piece.

This earring style is very flexible and can be worn lightly or formally quite quickly. It also allows for a fun gift because of the variety in designs.

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Contemporary earrings are usually earrings that feature a chic, contemporary design that has the potential to remain timeless. Whether silver or gold, modern earrings allow the wearer to express himself with grace and sophistication without feeling lost in the past or like wearing the very same pieces as anyone else. Contemporary earrings often add more metalwork for memorable patterns into their designs. Since they are available in a range of shapes and backs, these earrings can be a perfect fit for any sort of profile.




Studs are the most classic of all earrings. They are elegant, feminine, and understated. They are the most versatile earrings you can own and look fantastic when paired with dainty jewelry like a bangle or necklace. They offer timeless style.

They typically consist of a single gemstone or a diamond held by a foundation of precious metal. They are worn next to the ear, and they highlight the color and glitter of the center gemstone. The transition from day to night, from season to season, you can try a pair of crystal studs with bright colored floral studs. We've got countless choices to match your endless type of opportunity.

Studs come in different types of metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc. 


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Earring Metals:


 White Gold:


White gold is a combination of pure gold and white metals such as nickel, silver, and palladium, typically covered with rhodium. White gold is genuine, but it isn't made entirely of gold. The other metals help to improve the gold and enhance its longevity in jewelry. The value of white gold depends on the karat (14K vs. 18K) and the quantity of metal used to make the seal. Since 14 kt white gold is an alloy made up of 58.3 percent pure gold and other metals, it has consistency and longevity. It is also an optimal choice for earrings to be worn daily.


 Yellow Gold:


Yellow gold is composed of solid gold combined with alloy metals such as copper and zinc. Higher karat content indicates a purer gold content. However, this still means less durable metals. For this purpose, 14k or 18k gold is typically used to install engagement rings and wedding rings. It's the most hypoallergenic of all three shades of gold. It's suitable for retro designs.


 Rose Gold:


Rose gold is composed of pure gold combined with copper and silver alloys. Rose gold is genuine but not made entirely of gold. Copper and silver combine to reinforce it and give it a pink color. The more copper used, the redder gold becomes. A typical blend or combination for rose gold is 75 percent gold and 25 percent copper, by weight (18K). Like white gold, rose gold is an alloy, so pure rose gold is not an alloy. Rose gold looks better with warmer toned jewels, but it can be a perfect fit with all the other gemstones and diamonds.




    Platinum, a naturally white metal, is usually used in almost pure jewelry types, varying from 95-98 percent. Platinum is nearly similar to white gold and will continue to look the same for several years as long as they are both preserved and well cared for. It's a sturdy and precious metal that can be a perfect option when buying earrings. Platinum is hypoallergenic since it contains 95% pure platinum and 5% iridium. Platinum has rust and crack resistance and does not need to be covered with rhodium plating. Platinum matches exceptionally well with diamonds and is a perfect fit as both platinum and diamonds are exceptionally robust and hard-wearing. Platinum is also a popular choice for precious gemstones such as emerald, ruby, and sapphire.


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    Here’s a gemstone buying guide for you.




    Diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend for a reason. This timeless gemstone is a truly beautiful gift that will never go out of fashion. Diamonds are the classic and everlasting choice of earrings. Some prefer to wear diamond earrings because they are long-lasting gemstones and can be an heirloom for centuries to come.

    Diamonds look lovely when combined with white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Since diamonds are a rough gemstone, they are suitable for daily wear. Even with daily usage, they won't get scratched or fading in color.

    Diamond earrings are available in common shapes such as circle, emerald, cushion, marquise, oval, and princess.

    Diamond studs are still a classic pick, sure to flatter any woman and give her a wardrobe that she can wear everywhere. Diamond hoops and halos are also great additions to the jewelry collection. Round diamonds are highly favored as they have the most facets and emit the most sparkle.

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    Rubies are Luxurious, striking, and flexible. They make a perfect present and look beautiful, whether worn as a single stone or combined with others. 

    Rubies receive their red tint from an intensely colored component called Chromium, which takes its name from the Greek term for color. Of all the colored gemstones available for buying, rubies are the most costly, having the highest price per carat of any colored stone. The price depends mostly on the color, scale, cut, and brilliance of the stone with fine rubies of one carat being extremely rare.

    The most significant aspect to be taken into account when buying a ruby is color. The color of ruby ranges from vivid, bright red, known to be of the finest quality, to a dark, almost orange, or purplish hue. If the paint is a bright red, with little imperfections or inclusions, you can plan to pay a little extra for the stone.

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     Blue Topaz:


    Blue Topaz is considered November’s Birthstone. The gemstone is seen as a symbol of strength, long life, and calm. Think of a Topaz, and you could think of a soft, ice-blue shade. 

    With heat therapy, the color in topaz is more saturated, and the blue is darker. When treated, this alteration in color is irreversible. Blue Topaz is a translucent gemstone containing few to no inclusions. This helps the gemstone to shine brightly.

    Blue topaz is a vibrant blue, ice shade. After sapphire, the blue topaz is considered to be one of the most common blue gemstones. It is commonly mined throughout the world, but primarily from Australia, Russia, and Brazil. The blue topaz shows in a light blue color.

    Since topaz is such a hard stone, it can be carved into almost any shape, like round, cushion, princess, and oval, for a piece of jewelry. In its natural state, topaz grows oblong, making it suitable for cut stones of emerald and baguette. Topaz can also survive a very rough coating, making it a slippery mirror that is perfect for faceted cuts.

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    Amethyst is a stunning stone, famous for its intense violet color. It is the birthstone for February. 

    Amethyst belongs to the quartz family, taking its deep purple color from iron impurities, irradiation, and trace elements resulting in complex crystal lattice substitutions. This spectacular purple color can vary based on the particular stone varying from pinkish to deep purple tones. Amethyst stones can also have secondary colors of red and blue, and this depth of color can be seen in the finest varieties. The deep Siberian amethyst with 75-80 percent purple and 15-20 percent blue and red hues is the perfect grade for jewelers.

    AAA quality amethyst has a rich purple hue and strong saturation in the gemstone. High-quality amethyst is translucent, which ensures that the light travels unhindered and produces an enticing sparkle that illuminates the purple shade.

    Amethyst typically has no inclusions and is an eye-clean gemstone. Amethyst is most often cut in circular and oval shapes to enhance the appearance of the purple dye. Others with higher saturation in color are cut into fancy shapes. The royal purple color of the amethyst matches well with white gold and shines best in circular forms.

    The color purple has long been synonymous with royalty, which is why Amethyst played a major part in royal jewels. Amethysts were the favorite of Catherine the Great, who sent hordes of miners to hunt for her. The Crown Jewels also contains fine amethysts in its collection of gemstones.

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    Emeralds make the perfect birthstone for May. The gemstone is a symbol of youth, rejuvenation, growth, and good fortune. They are famous for their luxurious green color. The gemstone's name is derived from the Greek word "smaragdos'', meaning greenstone.

    The value of emerald is determined by its color and clarity. The most precious emeralds are bright, rich green with a hint of blue and few inclusions. Emeralds that lack inclusion are the rarest ones. However, Emeralds do have some inclusions that occur naturally. Emeralds with many inclusions can appear opaque, cloudy, and have reduced shimmer. When choosing emeralds for earrings, it is necessary to choose two that are the same in color, saturation, and consistency.

    The most common cut for the emerald is a rectangular cut with pointed corners. The next common being oval-cut and square-cut.

    If you're searching specifically for a smooth, glassy stone with little inclusions, you'd best pick a synthetic Emerald, which is made with the same chemical formula just like nature. However, if you are searching for a more authentic looking stone with richer color and more inclusions but full of character, try a true emerald instead.

    A halo or traditional design can be the perfect choice when choosing emeralds since it is simple to wear and looks fantastic with any clothing. For those that want to show off a fancy shape or the sparkle of a diamond, that can be done by a dangling style.

    Learn more about emerald




    From fancy to formal wear, earrings come in innumerable types and shapes. You can choose the ones that suit you better, and enhance your confidence. Our buying guide will help you select the right options. Whether for yourself or as a gift, earrings are one of the best ornaments that can elevate your overall look, eradicating the need for any other accessories. So what are you waiting for? Now that you know everything about the earrings, it's time you get ready to do some accessory shopping!


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